Aspects of the Master/slave dynamic, Part 1: Loving, Serving, Submitting.

These are just three of the many aspects of a Master/slave relationship/dynamic explained through the eyes of one devoted slave and may not be representative of the majority of slaves or Master/slave relationships. This post is intended to serve is part 1 of a series of posts that address all the various aspects of a Master/slave relationship.


Few women are able to put into words why they love who they do. It’s often a feeling too strong to describe, a pull or intuition that just can’t be denied. In the case of my Master, the feelings i hold for Him are completely overpowering. This is saying a lot from a girl who has made it her life’s mission to be emotionally unavailable and never be vulnerable to anyone for any reason. Looking at me in daily life you might assume i would rather be a Master than a slave. i know how to get things done and get my way, i do things my way and don’t listen to anyone. im kind of mean actually but the truth is being a Master is hard work, its exhausting and it’s not natural for a slave like me to act this way. its more of a defense mechanism than anything to preserve my sanity against a world of aggression when what lies within me is so idealistic, submissive and masochistic.

Loving Master is as easy as breathing, easier actually because when i am away from my Master it’s not that easy to breathe. i am endlessly sad and long for him like a whiney puppy whose owner is leaving them alone for the first time. Yes, this sounds pathetic but this is coming from a girl who hasn’t ever let herself cry before. You could call me every name in the book then punch me as hard as you can and instead of tears you will get wrath. But it’s so different with Master. One word or inkling he is unhappy and i am a sobbing mess. One day without seeing Him and serving Him and tears fall.

i asked my best friend, Miss M (she’s a psychologist), if it is in fact possible to have a healthy emotionally dependant relationship. She said yes, as long as both people are equally committed. i like to think of Master and i as the ultimate paradigm of love and devotion. He loves and protects His  most cherished property and in exchange i offer Him everything and anything He could ever want. It’s simple, it’s clear and it seems like a fair exchange to me. In fact i feel i am the lucky one. Waking up every day feeling like the most blessed person on the planet and feeling nothing but pure devotion and selflessness towards Master, THAT is true love.


This is slighty different for Master and i because our dynamic is not just that of a Master and slave. He is also my lover, partner and Daddy Dom. Additionally we idealize the 1950’s home and practice a domestic discipline lifestyle. What does this mean? It means my day is filled with things most modern women scoff at.

This would be a perfect day in my mind, of course it would vary based on Master’s needs but would go something like this:

  • Wake up, not by an alarm but by Master’s voice commanding it
  • Present myself to Master and Pleasure Master if He so desires
  • Cook breakfast
  • Serve Master breakfast
  • Lay out Master’s clothes for the day
  • Make Masters lunch for work while He showers
  • See Master off to work
  • Stay in touch with Master throughout the day via text and email reporting to Him my actions and asking permission for activities as needed
  • Run errands such as go to the market etc. if needed
  • Work out for one to two hours
  • Eat a light healthy lunch
  • Clean the house and do the chores, laundry etc.
  • Shower, clean, shave, groom etc. to Masters expectations
  • Bible study for at least one hour
  • Start preparing/cooking dinner
  • Have dinner ready for Master when he walks in the door
  • As soon as he comes home, help Him with his coat etc. help Him take off His shoes and relax, massage His feet or back.
  • Present myself to Master and Pleasure Master if He so desires
  • Enjoy a nice dinner with Master.
  • Talk and laugh and enjoy each other
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Sew/knit or do something useful, work on projects while Master enjoys his evening
  • Write in daily journal or blog before bed
  • Present myself to Master and Pleasure Master if He so desires
  • Go to bed when commanded
  • Dream of Master or perhaps be woken up in the night by Him to give him pleasure

Yes, a perfect day =)


Master is very direct with me. Often people in Master slave relationships dont communicate their needs and desires clearly and try to turn it into a game. BDSM is not a game, it’s not role-playing its serious and emotional and psychological and dangerous because if the Master isnt caring and careful He could easily end up with a broken down and useless, helpless slave. So, it works for us that Master is always direct about His needs, thoughts and intentions. Here are some comments Master has made which i love and show the real nature of our Master/slave relationship.

” I miss My whore a lot. she lives to serve, if she isn’t serving she is useless” – Master is good at making me feel valued and helping me feel connected with my purpose in life.

“It’s good you cry when you miss Me. your life is Mine. you are My property and you will only ever do anything as long as it is for Me.” Master encourages me to be open emotionally and give more of myself constantly.

“you are nothing more than holes and vessel for me to use, you will be degraded and used all while doing nothing but cooking and cleaning and serving me” Master is charmingly sadistic and feeds the masochistic tendencies of His slave, allowing her to feel used subjugated.

“I want you to destroy all wants, all needs and desires of your own. you only want what I want. you live to pleasure Me, that is your purpose on earth and I want you to get SO much pleasure from pleasuring me.” Master wants a happy slave and finds ways to make sure i am well-trained to feel happiness and pleasure from serving him.


~Thank You Master for letting Your slave serve You and love You always.


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